Tuesday, July 7, 2009

R.Avedon under Fashion spotlights ( 1923-2004)

Fashion get it's dimension as soon as photographers give body to it's beauty .
Richard Avedon is one of them. He put a name on fashion shapes, a colour on fashion textiles and sensibility to fashion vibes.

He's one of those who're making fashion vulnerable and powerful at the same time.
He's one of those who are pushing away fashion on it's extreme limits. He gave dimension to what is commonly named Beauty and put Beauty on what commonly seems to be dumpy.
Avedon celebrates original beauty and revealed it in searching it's soul.
He transmits us an eye on shapes, and performs as fashion story teller. He ignited curiosity for fashion shapes in revisiting the depth of elegance.
In the road of audacity he overcame borderlines of creativity.